A Trust Toolbox for Virtual Teams. You are invited to play!

To date we’ve conducted In Team We Trust Workshops with co-located teams in over a dozen cities around the world. According to our social media analytics, the Team Trust Toolbox (the Canvas, Cards, etc) is becoming very popular indeed.

Increasingly, we’re now also getting requests for a virtual team version of the “In Team We Trust” Workshops and Toolbox. For professionals who work across cultural boundaries and who are separated by distance and time zones, building and growing trust is even more essential. Indeed, the lack of trust in virtual teams is the greatest challenge to optimal performance and wellbeing.

Therefore we’re very pleased to introduce the virtual version of the Team Trust Toolbox staring with Prelude. Prelude is a virtual team game designed to accelerate trust prior to the start of a new project, training program, or educational course. The game uniquely combines a psychometric with a creative process. It’s a safe, fun, and fast way for ‘virtual strangers’ to become a productive team.

More specifically, team trust is established because the Prelude game system helps teammates to:

  • Strengthen their emotional intelligence
  • Improve communication
  • Better appreciate their diverse assets
  • Create a positive team mental model
  • Collaborate more effectively


Participating virtual teams are provided individual usernames and passwords to access the game site at www.playprelude.com. Each team is assigned a safe; secure space within which to play and any number of teams can play at one time. The overall game system has three experiential learning levels:

  • Level 1 is the core game. The Prelude core game activities are self-directed and asynchronous, whilst others are team based and synchronous. This consists of four sequential activity modules combining a proprietary psychometric with a unique creative process. Players draw together, literally and metaphorically. Their team is better able to appreciate and apply their diverse abilities cohesively and purposefully.
  • Level 2 is the StarSmart Journal. This consists of reflective and practical exercises linked to each core game activity module.
  • Level 3 is the Team Alignment Plan. This consists of a proprietary algorithm and methodology linking virtual team member soft skills with project goals, tasks, and deliverables. The third game level helps virtual team members to correlate the lessons they are learning with the practical goals of their pending project, training program, or educational course. Analytic data functions can help clients to assess if they have well balanced teams or where there may be gaps. For example, a cross-disciplinary team with an innovation mandate may be missing aptitudes like abstract thinking or action oriented members.


You are invited to play Prelude! The game is available for trial at www.playprelude.com.  This will consist of a series of facilitated virtual Prelude sessions. The first round will be started next week.

Do you want to try it?

Please e-mail us at info@inteamwetrust.com or register here.


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