The Trust Dojo Mastermind Group

The Trust Dōjō is a virtual space where everybody might foster, learn and practice trust building techniques and tools.

What is a Mastermind group?

On the third Wednesday of every month, we host an online mastermind group for everybody who wants to work on uncovering the roots of what might hold teams and companies back from achieving the goals that matter.

A mastermind group as a simple way of working with a group of people to gain their advice, support, and build momentum in order to achieve your goals.

Who is the Trust Dojo Mastermind group for?

The Trust Dōjō is a virtual space where everybody might foster, learn and practice trust building techniques and tools. This is a great way to focus on self-trust, empathy and possibly utilise different ways of growing trust with the team.

Our goals are practice of tools for developing trust in any teams/companies and train ourself to improve a self-trust.

The trust mastermind session

We hold two types of masterminds: open (free) and specific private groups. Each member of our group can join the open events that take place every third Wednesday of the month. Invitation to specific groups is announced separately. We will provide our session in English and Russian.

The mastermind sessions are relatively structured so that there is focused time for each person in the group. Members get a focused amount of time to share an issue or challenge and then gets solutions, ideas and inspiration from other participants in their mastermind group. 

So what happens during the Mastermind session?

We start off with a group chat and a quick check-in to make sure that everyone is good to go. We then split up into groups with 4-5 people in each group. There is a group leader in each group – responsible for time keeping and ensuring that action points are sent at the end of the mastermind session. 

Each session ends with clear action points for each person that has attended and we follow up on the action points when we meet in the following month.

If you’d like to find out more about the monthly mastermind sessions or wants to get an information about our next specific mastermind groups, get in touch using the online contact form. You can join out meet-up group here.

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