Build A Trust Culture. Online Workshop Journey

Accelerate trust, adaptability, effectiveness and innovation on your organisation.

In a world of change, trust is becoming one of the main factors for building organizations of the future.

The pandemic has had a profound impact in every sphere of our lives. People and organisations are expected to navigate through this uncertainty with very little support. One of the main effects of the Corona-19 is the level of distrust it has created in people, businesses and every layer of our society. To make any option to return to work successful requires a high level of trust.

What happens if you can’t build a culture of high trust? To not do so is bound to negatively impact in many ways such as putting people’s lives at risk, creating resentments towards senior management, which unilaterally will create low staff engagement, morale, and mood.

Our Culture of Trust program will help you identify, understand and create the potential to create a culture that frees up the untapped power of your organizations.

Throughout our 5-module journey, you will

  • Define where the root of your most urgent trust problems
  • Provide people with tools to ignite trust changes
  • Speed up the trust building process
  • Improve your team performance by creating a trust culture

Who Should Attend

Are you ready to foster a trust culture?

Whether you are a team leader, team member, an HR professional, a senior executive, a change management practitioner, or a consultant, this program will help you accelerate positive change in your team, organization, and clients.


THE ASSESSMENT. Our assessment measures your organization’s level of trust.

MODULE 1. AWARENESS. Why we need trust in our organisation?

MODULE 2. DEFINITION OF TRUST. How we understand trust?

MODULE 3. DYNAMICS OF TRUST. What forces can help us to develop and grow trust?

MODULE 4. TRUST IN ACTION. Strategy and tactics for the development of Trust.

MODULE 5. TRUST RECOVERING. How to rebuild trust?

A Live Online Program

This workshop can be taken in online format:

  • This is not a lecture, but a hands-on class. By using Zoom, Mural, and other tools, you’ll get real-time feedback from the facilitators and interact and learn from other participants.
  • Participants just need a computer or laptop with Internet access. You don’t need to incur any additional cost or tech licenses to participate.

How to register

Register for a workshop in one of the following ways:

  1. Join our next event
  2. Register for any of the public courses listed on the Upcoming Events page.
  3. Request a private workshop for your team. Email us about it right now

Technical considerations

  • Call from a quiet place.
  • Have a stable broadband internet connection.
  • Use a headset.
  • Turn your video camera on.